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yoga logoOur mission is to be a child's first yoga teacher in a fun, age appropriate way. Our goal is for the child to continue practicing yoga into their adult life. We feel that if a child learns just one pose, or one breathing technique, or one meditation that they can incoporporate into their daily life, then we have completed our mission. 

New Studio! Garner, North Carolina

yoga garner nc

We are proud to announce we are going to be opening a new studio for The Chidlren's School of Yoga!  Garner, North Carolina, here we come!  We can't wait to see you!

We are located behind Cross Fit. Just follow the parking lot entrance around the building to the left. We are the last 2 doors, unit E before you leave the parking lot.

Register for classes: Click to Register for Classes at Garner, NC

Kids Yoga meets Astrology

astrology meets yoga

The relationship between the moon cycles (ie: Full Moons) and the effect on children's behaviors have long been known in the yoga world, but what about a child's Zodiac sign, Houses, Elements, Modes or Birth/Natal chart? If these concepts are foreign to you, we are excited to introduce a brand new Astrology meets Children's Yoga Curriculum that we have created for our School Aged to Teens students coming this School Year.
The connection between the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars and our child's birthday, place and time influence our children's personalities, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses.
Yoga is a perfect combination to empower children to understand their bodies and emotions that Astrology helps to explain.

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Kids Spiritual Development - Fridays

Kids Chakra Class - Fridays

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Sorensen Scholarship


The Sorensen Scholarship is an in house scholarship completely funded through our Corporate sites honoring the life of Christopher Sorensen, who tragically passed at the young age of 27 on December 30, 2019.  Christopher was a kind and gentle soul who loved animals, his family and friends, but struggled with the challenge of learning disabilities throughout his school years and later in his adult life.

Read more: Sorensen Scholarship

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